Planning your trip to Australia

Written by  BROWNS student, Eduardo from Brazil

“Back in 2012, I had never thought about living overseas but after returning from my work experience in California, I was already considering to start a new chapter of my life in another place. Not that I didn’t like home but I had this feeling that life is much more than just staying in the same place doing the same things forever, so I realise that leaving everything behind would be an amazing adventure and experience for my life. 

My first step was to create a plan. So I’ve been searching for places around the world for more than a year that could match my lifestyle. Places such as Canada, New Zealand and few countries in Europe called my attention, but none of them could get me something that only Australia could give it to me: beautiful landscapes and hot weather that I love. So, after that, I had to consider other aspects either, such as jobs, language, culture and so on. Then surfing on the internet I found many blogs and articles saying that Australia is the dream world, and yes, I started to believe in that. Few things called even more my attention: The size of this country, which could make perfect for travelling and knowing different cultures, the strict law that is really important when you are coming from a place where corruption is everywhere and for the last but not less important, the amazing outdoors and friendly people living in here.

After making sure about the country, was the time to decide about the city so one of the first places that appeared in my search was Gold Coast. Oh, what a place! I couldn’t believe that a place like that exists. Living on the coast was already in my dreams but at this point, I was also looking for Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Then other facts made me remove them straight away from my list, big city, traffic jam, chaos! I’m out of it. Back to the Gold Coast.

Probably during three months, I left my plans to travel behind because I was working hard to save some money, finishing my studies at university and also facing that my grandmother passed away. Was not easy but I had to face this challenge.

Then 2016 started and I had to contact some agencies to help me with my documents and choosing my school. They offered me many schools to study for 24 weeks but I just told them I wanted the best. Then we kept only three options that I had to decide for a week. In the end, without a doubt, BROWNS English Language School was the best choice. I liked the price they offered, the place looks amazing and also pretty fun classes! I was reading every single line on the website even without understanding what they were saying. Google translate helped me a lot at that time.

So, then the big day has arrived and I was taking my flight to Australia. I left friends and family behind to follow my dreams. And what can I tell you? I wouldn’t go back to change anything because my choice was completely right and I’m so happy about that. BROWNS was way more than my school because there is where I met my new friends and my new family. There where opened many doors to get my first job ever in Australia. And now I’m still here, my current job has a partnership with them that’s allowed me to come here at least once a week and I’m so proud to tell every single student that I was exactly in the same position as they are right now and that everything is possible. Thanks, BROWNS team!”

Eduardo from Brazil

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