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The Ultimate Australian Road Trip

This week,  BROWNS students have researched two amazing road trips. Which one would you choose?
Gold Coast > Byron Bay > Sydney & Melbourne OR
Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast & Cairns.


Gold Coast > Byron Bay > Sydney & Melbourne Road Trip

Written by Hikari & Nakyeong– BROWNS Intensive General English (B2 level) students

5-day trip

Day 1
Drive to Byron bay (1 hour)
Go to the beach and the light house, stay in the hotel near the beach.

Day 2
Drive to Sydney ( 7 hours)
While driving, we go to a beautiful café.
Stay in a hotel in the city.

Day 3
Go to the Opera house and the Blue Mountains.
Stay in a hotel in the city.

Day 4
Drive to Melbourne (9 hours)
While we driving, we go to a seafood restaurant.
Stay in the guest house.

Day 5
Go to the Great Ocean Road and the Gibson steps.


We have to wear a seatbelt and we have to take a rest during long road trips.
We shouldn’t go to dangerous areas.

Melbourne > Sydney > Gold Coast & Cairns Road Trip

Written by Misa & Jenny – BROWNS Intensive General English (B2 level) students

Tips for safety.

  • Before leaving, let friends and family know what route you plan on travelling and when you are expecting to get to your destination.
  • Always carry a freshly charged cell phone and watch your surroundings.
  • Do not rush. Speeding on slippery surfaces is the easiest way to get into an accident.
  • Be careful of dangerous animals in Cairns (crocodiles, snakes, jellyfish & spiders).

Day 1

Melbourne – Great Ocean Road
We use a camping car. (Juicy rentals $300) and eat kangaroo meat.

Day 2

Sydney— The Blue Mountains.
We stay at the Shangri– La hotel. $300.
We go to the Opera House, Watsons Bay beach.
We eat dinner at the Altitude Restaurant.

Day 3

Gold Coast— Q1
We go to the seafood restaurant (FOUR WINDS RESTAURANT IN Q1).
We go surfing.

Day 4

Cairns– The Great Barrier Reef
We can go snorkelling. (we have an instructor.)
(—the online price is $215 child price is $140). We also eat a double cheeseburger.



*This article was written by BROWNS students and should be used as a guide only. If you have any questions about travelling around Australia, we recommend you contact Backpackers World Travel.

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