Road Trip - Perth


The Ultimate Australian Road Trip – Perth

Written by Unna and Fernando – Intensive General English (advanced level) students.

This week,  BROWNS English Language School students have researched an amazing road trip to Perth, Western Australia.


Our trip:

This road trip is starting from Perth and Stopping in Carnarvon. We go along the road number 60 and number 1 and traveling for about 3 days.

Day 1:

Starting from Perth go along the road no.60 go to The Pinnacles which is desert place. After that in the afternoon going to Jurien Bay to travel around Julien Bay, for example Old Jetty heritage memorial site, Parks and staying for 1 night

Day 2:

Starting from Julien Bay go to Carrarang travel around this city ,for example and go camping here in Tamala station near Shark Bay and we can see the sun set at sunset.

Day 3:

Starting from Shark Bay to Carnarvon where we can go fishing, camping and travel around. It has many museums and places where you can find new experiences.


For safety:

  • Protect yourself from heat and dangerous sunlight by drinking more water and protect your skin by wearing long shirt and applying sunscreen
  • Check your vehicle before traveling because the roads are quite steep and dangerous


*This article was written by BROWNS students and should be used as a guide only. If you have any questions about travelling around Australia, we recommend you contact Backpackers World Travel.


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