Travel Australia

Recently I have travelled up north to the Great Barrier Reef – one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World where I spent the week exploring the sights of Cairns.

Travel Australia: GREEN ISLAND

We began our trip straight away jumping onto a barge to the tropical paradise ‘Green Island’ just off the coast of Cairns:

Green Island is enriched with glorious emerald rainforest, surrounded by white sandy beaches and magnificent coral reefs.

If you decide to spend just a day at Green Island, there is plenty of time to snorkel or scuba dive, explore the reef through a glass bottom boat and even check out Marineland Melanesia where they hold the World's biggest captive crocodile – Cassius! This is just to name a few of the many things to do on Green Island.

If you have the time and money, I highly recommend spending the night (or two) at Green Island Resort that way you don’t have to rush all the activities into 1 day and you can enjoy it and relax. A plus of being a guest of Green Island Resort is that you get a selection of free extra activities on the Island. This includes:

Fish feeding where you’ll definitely spot some reef sharks among other colourful marine life,

Sunset drinks  and also free access to selected beach hire.

Overall an incredible experience that I strongly believe you must see if you visit Australia.

Travel Australia: CAIRNS

If you have a couple of nights I have listed some places that you should check out while you’re staying in Cairns.


Gilligan’s is probably Cairns largest party venue which I have to say is always packed and full of great energy and popular music. Gilligan's is a non-stop party 7 nights per week Also, just upstairs is ‘The Attic Lounge’ .

The Woolshed Cairns  claims to be Australia’s number 1 party bar so I recommend checking it out and let us know if you agree.

The Lounge Bar   is an ultra cool bar located downstairs of the Woolshed that comes alive from about 10pm.


If you’re looking for a good feed at any time of the day, Dundee's Restaurant on the Waterfront is the place to go.

The menu has exceptional variety including some of the best seafood, pasta, grill, hot rocks and bush tucker including Kangaroo and crocodile.

Dundees is not only great food but the perfect location.