BROWNS Holiday English Program
BROWNS Holiday English Program in Brisbane

The Holiday English Program has come to the final week. In Week 6, we covered the music, animals, indigenous culture in Australia as well as discussed about friendships and making plans in classes. At the end of the program, we celebrated our achievements, friendships and created unforgettable memories together at Dream World on the Gold Coast. Join us and explore some highlights and memorable moments of the week!

Monday 21.08.2023- Music

The week started with learning a small piece of a song and sang together in groups. Students were introduced to the music vocabulary and did quizlet challenges together. Students enjoyed multiple activities, kahoots, jigsaw puzzles and team games on the given topic during the lesson. Students also shared about musical instruments they play. In the afternoon, everyone competed in the Aussie theme trivia and learned about this beautiful country.   

Tuesday 22.08.2023- Animals

The Tuesday started with an exciting activity, treasure hunt, in teams where they had to look for the animal cards outside the class and pairing the animals they see on their worksheets. In class, we introduced students about unique Australian animals as Australia is known for the wildlife paradise. Students watched the videos about the birth in marsupial animals. In the afternoon, everyone went on the excursion to the Spark lab. Students had fun at the museum trying and experimenting with different scientific exhibits. After, everyone went to the dinosaurs section to learn about the dinosaurs and different extinct critters of Australia.  

Wednesday 23.08.2023- Indigenous Culture

The day started with learning a short funny song and sang it together. Then, students were introduced to the topic of the unique Indigenous culture in Australia. Students are all very curious about the topic, we watched videos about Aboriginal musical instruments, dances and weapons and learnt about Aboriginal bush food and different insects that Aborigines eat raw. In the afternoon, we had fun hand painting the mugs together.   

Thursday 24.08.2023- My Friends and Making Plans 

In the morning, students learnt about various hobbies and leisure activities. They played an interactive Quizlet game and Pictionary to become familiar with the terms and vocabulary. Then, students are able to use the vocabulary learned to plan out their leisure time. They went around the classroom to make plans to do activities with friends. In the afternoon, students went shopping in the Brisbane City, and explored many popular shops and iconic landmarks around the city.  

Friday 25.08.2023- Celebrations

We learned about celebrations and festivals around the world on Friday. Students watched a video featuring 3 famous festivals around the world and answered some comprehension questions. Then, we watched a short documentary together about the Holi Festival from India and had a classroom discussion about how this festival is celebrated. At the end of the class, students are able to share special festivals and celebrations from their home countries and created some calendars featuring various celebrations around the world.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed party with snacks, music and board games.  

Saturday 26.08.2023- Dream World!

Thrilled to have spent an amazing day at Dream World in Queensland with our group of junior holiday makers! From heart-pounding rides that had us screaming with joy to exploring enchanting lands filled with fantasy and adventure, it was a day filled with non-stop excitement. The smiles, laughter, and unforgettable memories created at Australia’s biggest theme park made this excursion an absolute blast!

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