BROWNS Educational Excursion Day - March

Educational Excursion Day at BROWNS English Language School – Gold Coast Campus


Last Friday our teachers took their lessons outside! Students were able to experience real-life animal encounters, spotting some Wallabies and even a few Koalas! While some other classes learned about and played some popular sports at the park!

Here’s what our students had to say about the BROWNS Educational Excursion Day:


Rita from Brazil

BROWNS provides different activities for students. I went to Coombabah Park last Friday morning. Coombabah is a public park in Queensland, Gold Coast. It is close to the school, about twenty minutes by bus. I enjoyed the tour but it was a very hot day!

It was necessary to keep walking the forest and pay good attention to the trees to see the birds, koalas and kangaroos.

The kangaroos don’t like people touching their bodies, when the people got to close to the animals, they started to run away.

The koalas were so beautiful and cute, they like sleeping in the trees for long times.

I think it’s a good government initiative because it’s necessary to protect and preserve the animals in their natural habitat.

I’d never seen koalas and kangaroos before. I liked the experience so much because I enjoyed improving my knowledge and speaking more English with the teachers and colleagues.

I wish I had seen more koalas but it was still nice.

A great activity!


Giulia from Switzerland

Last Friday we went to Coombabah, a park on the Gold Coast. I was very excited because I had never seen the kangaroos nor the koalas.

Like every day, we started in the classroom at 8:50am and then we took a bus to the park. We saw many kangaroos but it was difficult to take pictures because they were scared of us. Unfortunately, we only saw three koalas and they were sleeping very high in the trees.

Somewhere in the park, we found the other class and we had a picnic.

It was a very nice day, thank you BROWNS.


Angie from Colombia

Last Friday we went to Coombabah in a big group of students and teachers. We were able to share food, moments and we also celebrated the birthday of one friend.

I walked around the park with my three friends, we saw two koalas and many kangaroos, we took photos with the animals but when we walked nearer to them, they jumped away, but in the end I was able to take a selfie with a kangaroo, which was exciting.

This excursion was incredible and fun, I’ve wanted to see these animals so I am happy that I saw them and was able to take my selfie! I would like to go again but in the afternoon, because the sun in the morning is terrible!


Sirikan from Thailand

Last Friday, we went to Coombabah with BROWNS. We went to Coombabah by bus and I nearly missed the bus but my friend ran fast and we arrived at the bus stop in time.

When we went to Coombabah, we walked into the forest for about 30 mins. I saw kangaroos and one koala. We took a lot of photos and then we had break time. I brought my chocolate out and shared with the people. We ate a lot of food and we went to go back to BROWNS. We didn’t return the same way but we walked around the forest and so far. I thought we were lost but we found our way out of Coombabah and came back by bus and went to BROWNS.


Karen from Brazil

Meeting Kangaroos.

I had always had the dream to study English in Australia and to see kangaroos.

Last week I called my father and the first thing he asked me was “have you seen a kangaroo yet?” I told him “yes, I have seen one kangaroo close-up, but unfortunately I haven’t seen a koala close-up”.

We went to Coombabah, a conservation area, it is close to school (BROWNS), so me and my classmates took the bus.

We walked for a long time and we found no koalas, but we saw many kangaroos and we took a lot of pictures.

Besides having finally seen kangaroos, it was an opportunity to meet other classes. It was a simple walk but I saw what I couldn’t have seen anywhere in my country.

There’s something really nice about kangaroos, they are special because they only live in Australia. It was a really nice experience and of course I’ll go back to Coombabah again someday.


Daniela from Colombia

Last Friday I was in Coombabah Park with some of my classmates at BROWNS and three teachers, too.

It was a hot day. I had to drink a lot of water and I had to wear a hat, I didn’t ‘want the sun to burn me.

We went to the park to see kangaroos and koalas, but I only saw about ten kangaroos. It wasn’t a problem because I had already seen a lot of kangaroos when I went for the first time last week.

I saw three koalas, they were at the top of the trees. They are beautiful. The first time, I didn’t see any koalas.

It was a great day because I met new people from other countries. I had never met so many people before.


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