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IELTS Exam Success Story: Yuri from Japan

First of all, I would like to say how much I appreciated my teacher, all of my classmates and staff at BROWNS.

After progressing to Upper-Intermediate in General English, I took the IELTS Exam Preparation class. On the first day in the IELTS class I felt that the class was too hard for me, because I felt everyone spoke quickly and tasks were very high level. However, I got used to the class day by day and constantly improved. My teacher explained properly about the tips which I should know before taking the exam, because each skill (Writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking) needs particular tips. Moreover, when I had done some writing at home, my teacher would check it and taught me even in his break time. After 11 weeks, I took the General IELTS exam and the result was 5.5 which was suitable for my purposes.

In summary, this course helped me to improve my English a lot, and this experience has given me a lot of opportunities of getting a job wherever I want in Australia or Japan. If you have no knowledge of IELTS, think about taking this course, but do not worry! You can gradually get all knowledge you need from BROWNS’ amazing teachers.

Yuri from Japan