Kazuki KIKUCHI has just come back from 15 days working hard on the set of Angelina Jolie's new movie, 'Unbroken'. He played a World War II soldier in this extraordinary story of survival, resilience and redemption. Kazuki had a great time and really loved speaking with Angelina Jolie, meeting the other famous actors, and learning more about the movie industry. Kazuki has a big smile on his face when he says, 'I'm so happy that Angelina Jolie and Hollywood stars told me my English is very good!'

Kazuki says that BROWNS is part of a big change in his life, and not just because of his strong improvement in English. 'My time in Australia has helped me understand other people, and to respect their differences' he says.

Kazuki has had two other jobs in Brisbane, though he prefers roles that allow him to be creative. A guitar player and also a classical pianist for 18 years, his goal when he gets back to Japan is to write, 'music that moves people, that touches their hearts' and to help people see the positive things in life. 'Now that I have been in one movie, working in other movies is easier in Japan' he says happily. Although Kazuki says he has faced many challenges, he goes back to Japan with some great stories to tell, and feeling confident about his future.

Everyone at BROWNS gets behind our students' academic and work success 100%. BROWNS Jobs Club and BROWNS Jobs and Careers Manager give our students a first-class edge, and working as a movie extra is just one of the many interesting and varied roles BROWNS advertises for our students.