Fabio Lanzalonga from Italy (BROWNS Brisbane campus student) had lots of experience, but he was struggling to find a job in Australia. Our Jobs and Careers Manager Reuben worked closely with Fabio to customize his applications to the needs and preferences of Australian employers.


This is Fabio's testimonial:

"I arrived to Australia in September, full of dreams and hopes, like everyone else. I started to send resumes online and I went in person to every bar, café, restaurant both in the city and in the suburbs.

I was looking for a position as waiter, because I already did it in Italy but I understood suddenly that to work in hospitality is not so easy as I thought. One day I got a call, it was a marketing company, they were looking for new people to promote a new wax to clean cars (direct selling). I went to the job interview, I started to work for them. I did 2 weeks and I quitted it. The job itself was not bad but the wage was entirely after commission and it was not enough. With this job I learnt how to approach a potential customer, how to explain the advantages of a product etc. what they call sales skills, now I realized that they are always useful.

I continue my research online, walking around everywhere, talking to people and saying "I'm looking for a job". This time I asked to be warehouse, process worker, cleaner. No answers. I thought: if I don't find a job until November I'll go back home! 2 weeks ago I got a call, it was Neil, the owner of a brand new business: a food truck about pasta. He was looking for a cook, I was honest in my application I said I worked in hospitality but as waiter. He asked me: "Are you able to cook pasta?", I said: "yes, I do it everyday". He said: This is what I'm looking for, can we catch up?". We met and we talked about the job, I saw the food truck, it is very nice, I have never seen one of them from inside. I give to him my full availability and I waited for a call. It happened 3 days after, he chose me and I started to work as pasta cooker for the food truck: Pasta Cruiser!

People like the dishes and I like to make them happy with something from my country. I have good relation with Neil and I like his enthusiasm for the new business. For all the people who are looking for a job opportunity I would say: Never give up! Australia gives everyone a chance, you just have to know how to take it!"

Fabio Lanzalonga