Barista in Australia

[Student Testimonial]

“Hi, I’m Natsu from Japan. I came to Australia to become a barista and learn about Australian culture and the coffee industry. Lucky I got a job right after graduating from Barista@BROWNS. I had some experience at a cafe in Japan but soon I realised that it’s totally different from Australia to Japan.

BROWNS focuses on hospitality English. For me, taking orders is the hardest part working at the cafe. There are so many options in Australia (milk, beans strength…). Our teacher told us how to take the order and write in short hand. This helped a lot. In the Barista@BROWNS program, my favourite activity is the Live Customer Service days. I learned to organise coffee sections and also good teamwork. The best thing is the wonderful teachers and friends that I met. They are great and I will treasure them forever.

So now I am happy to work at a local cafe. I saw a lot of trials, then I think don’t worry about previous work experience. More importantly you need the skills for the job, and personality and passion about coffee. Skills and knowledge you can learn at BROWNS. Just bring your passion.”


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