Jason from Switzerland - Jobs success

Student Testimonial – Jason Ingrosso from Switzerland

Briefly, I’m a Swiss student studying English on a Working Holiday Visa. I was looking for a full-time job to improve my English and learn more about Australian culture. I believe I have many transferable skills from my country that would be useful in any workplace in Australia.

The first time I met with Glenn from BROWNS, he looked at my resume and gave me some advice about what type of work I would be able to look for. While I was sitting with him, he excused himself and made a phone call. During his call he asked me some questions about my experience and took lots of notes. What I didn’t understand at the time was that Glenn was speaking to an employer. When he hung up the phone, he gave me some information about a restaurant, he told me where it is, and he even showed me on the map and the public transport about how to get there. When I told him I was interested in this job, he gave me the name of the employer and printed out the directions on how to get there. That afternoon I had an interview with the owner and I am working there now.

Glenn made my search for work so easy. Before I met Glen I was looking for work for many weeks and didn’t find anybody interested in hiring me, but Glenn knew who to call and the result was great. I can truly say that without the help from Glenn and BROWNS, I would not be working where I am now and I might have decided to go home if I couldn’t find work.

Thank You Glenn and thank you BROWNS English Language School.


Jason is employed as a waiter at Ioesco Italian Restaurant in Sanctuary cove on the Gold Coast. This is described as a sensational new Italian restaurant located in the picturesque Masthead Way at Sanctuary Cove. Boasting sumptuous Italian flavours, with zesty authentic aromas that intoxicate passers-by. Ioesco offers a relaxing and stylish ambience and is reflective of the peace and beauty exuded by Sanctuary Cove. During a recent visit to Australia, Gordon Ramsey enjoyed a night of fine dining in this restaurant. The employer has expressed extreme delight in the process of finding and employing Jason, and he is impressed work ethic that Jason brings to his restaurant.