Coombabah, Gold Coast, QLD

Coombabah, Gold Coast, QLD

Coombabah is one of the locations you definitely have to visit when you stay on the Gold Coast. It’s one of its suburbs and furthermore, it’s a national park where lots of kangaroos and koalas live.

In Coombabah, there are ten kilometres of dirt tracks, gravel and boardwalks to access the park. It is open daily from 6am until 6pm, so get out there before closing time otherwise you may get stuck.

Lake Coombabah and its ecosystem are important coastal wetlands and migratory waterbird habitat.

The Conservation area is home to 274 species of animals with seven species listed as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘near threatened’, including the koala, powerful owl and grey-headed flying fox, along with 24 internationally protected migratory bird species.

Of course, the entry is free.

Coombabah Area is ideal for short walks, animal spotting and plank identification and gives you an opportunity to appreciate an ecologically significant area.

Take bus 790.


Written by BROWNS Intensive General English, Advanced level student