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Week 1 Recap of BROWNS’ Junior Holiday Program on the Gold Coast.

Junior Holiday Program

Welcome to the first Junior Holiday Program of 2024. From learning about Australia’s geography, cities, and wildlife, to diving into classroom language and arcade fun, each day has been a unique adventure. Keep reading as we recap the first week on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Monday, 22/01/24 – The students’ first day of class was […]

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Exploring HOTA: A Review of Art, Culture, and Lifestyle on the Gold Coast


BROWNS English Language School‘s trip to HOTA (Home of the Arts), an iconic Gold Coast destination where art, entertainment, culture and lifestyle meet. A place that locals love, and visitors must see. HOTA has cinemas, theatres, comedy gigs, live music, dance, talks, workshops, festivals and many other events. There is also a beautiful adventure trail […]

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A day in the life of an international student on the Gold Coast

A day in the life

Hi, my name is Micka and in this vlog (click here) I will take you through a typical day in my life as an international student from France living on the Gold Coast. First, I wake up early in the morning and start the day with breakfast, usually yogurt with nuts and seeds. After breakfast, […]

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From English studies to a proposal: A Brazilian couple’s journey in Australia.

English studies to proposal

From English studies to a proposal: A Brazilian couple’s unforgettable journey in Australia. Gabriel and Bruna, a young Brazilian couple had always dreamed of travelling to Australia to learn English and experience a different culture. Finally, in 2022, they decided to take the plunge and signed up for a 30-week English course at BROWNS English […]

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Lunar New Year in Australia

Lunar New Year

Lunar New YearWritten by BROWNS English Language School student, Emma. Every year, in Taiwan, we celebrate the ‘Lunar New Year’. When it is close to the festival, the whole family will get together from other cities, even other countries. We have a luxurious dinner which we call ‘reunion dinner’. On Lunar New Year’s eve, after […]

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