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From English studies to a proposal: A Brazilian couple’s unforgettable journey in Australia.

Gabriel and Bruna, a young Brazilian couple had always dreamed of travelling to Australia to learn English and experience a different culture. Finally, in 2022, they decided to take the plunge and signed up for a 30-week English course at BROWNS English Language School on the Gold Coast.

Upon arriving to the Gold Coast, Gabriel and Bruna were amazed by the city’s beauty and they quickly settled into their studies, making many friends from all over the world.

Over the next few months, Gabriel and Bruna fell deeper in love as they explored the city together, took weekend trips, and shared their dreams and aspirations with each other. Finally, on a beautiful summer day in January, Gabriel got down on one knee, asked Bruna to marry him, and she said “yes”!

Gabriel and Bruna’s English school (BROWNS) were delighted to hear the news and decided to organise a one-of-a-kind event for them. They invited all of their classmates and teachers, and even organised a special ceremony in the school’s courtyard. The bride wore a beautiful white dress, and the groom was dressed in a white button-up shirt, black bow tie, and beige chino pants.

Surrounded by their friends, the ceremony began with a speech from BROWNS‘ Academic Manager, Jeff Brown.

“Thank you all for joining me here on this wonderful occasion. As you may be aware Bruna and Gabriel came to Australia, and because of BROWNS fell in love and decided to get married.”

“We have gathered here to celebrate the union between Bruna and Gabriel. Brought together with the help of BROWNS.”

“Repeat after me, Bruna”,
“I pledge to love Gabriel, comfort him, & love him for better or worse”.
“I promise to help him with his pronunciation of past tense ‘ed’ endings”.
“To look back fondly at the memories – of your time here in Australia at BROWNS”.

“Repeat after me Gabriel”.
“I pledge to love Bruna, comfort her, honour & love her for better or worse”.
“I promise to help her with her pronunciation of the “th” sound”.
“To look back fondly at the memories – of your time here in Australia at BROWNS”.

“Everyone, repeat after me”.
“Congratulations Bruna and Gabriel.”

Onlookers cheered as Bruna prepared for her speech.

“This is the first time that I am doing a speech in English, in front of many people. Luckily it’s to talk about something easy for me, it’s our love. Today, I am here to say how grateful I am for everything we have experienced during this six years together. My love and respect for you has only increased, I am a better person when I am with you, you make me grow and evolve, and you are in my life to add up. Here we are at another experience together which I would never have imagined so many good things would happen. We are living the best experience of our lives, and we have many incredible people by our side. I’m grateful to have met you, and I’m ready to spend all my life with you. Thank you to each person that is present here today, especially BROWNS, the place that prepared all of this with great care.”

‘How can I do my speech now?” Gabriel remarked.

“It’s shorter, but it’s from the heart.”
“I can’t believe this day has come. Our day, in a special place. There are no borders, no continents, and no one that can separate us, because we are soul mates. Our love has been growing each day and I am proud of everything we have done together. I am so lucky to have you with me, and I want to celebrate our happiness today and every day, forever.” said Gabriel.

Blue and white coloured confetti was thrown into the air as the couple made their way back inside.

The afternoon continued with good music, food, drinks and of course the bouquet toss.

BROWNS English Language School wishes Gabriel and Bruna a lifetime of happiness and unconditional love. We can’t wait to hear what’s next for this beautiful couple.

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