Junior Holiday Program

Welcome to the first Junior Holiday Program of 2024. From learning about Australia’s geography, cities, and wildlife, to diving into classroom language and arcade fun, each day has been a unique adventure. Keep reading as we recap the first week on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Monday, 22/01/24 – The students’ first day of class was really fun. Besides getting to know more about each other and also about the teacher, they were shown interesting facts about Australia and learned its geography, main cities and attractions, native animals, food and Aussie slang. In the afternoon they answered a quiz and won typical Australian prizes, such as Tim Tam’s (biscuits) and snake lollies.  

Tuesday, 23/01/24 – On Tuesday we focused our studies on classroom language. The students practiced vocabulary of school supplies, useful language and imperative actions. We also learned how different classrooms, schools and schedules are in different countries.  After lunch, we went to an arcade and played many games together. The students won points and were able to get lollies and other prizes. What a fun day! 

Wednesday, 24/01/24 – Time to talk about routines. On Wednesday the students impressed the teacher by showing how many verbs they already know and how much dedication they have on their studies back home. During the afternoon activity, they created a board game using the verbs they had practiced and while we played, we created many sentences using the verbs previously studied.  

Thursday, 25/01/24 – When we are away from home, one thing we miss is our friends. We had a special day to talk about them and use English vocabulary to expand students’ knowledge. They used adjectives to describe their friends, and as it was a day before Australia Day, the students also learned more about this public holiday. To consolidate the topics studied, they selected some pictures of Australia and created a postcard for their friends. 

Saturday, 24/01/24 – Movieworld was a highlight of the week in our Junior Holiday Program on the Gold Coast. The day unfolded with excitement as students delved into the enchanting world of movies. There were plenty of rides, immersive 4D experiences, and encounters with beloved movie characters.

Join us again next week as we share the adventures and memorable moments of the second week in this program. Until then, thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to welcoming you back for more tales from our Junior Holiday Program on the Gold Coast.

Learn more about BROWNS’ Junior Holiday Program: https://brownsenglish.edu.au/english-courses/junior-program

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