BROWNS Collaborate Mentoring Program

BROWNS Collaborate Mentoring Initiative

Week one and two reflections (Meet, Eat and Greet plus Study Tips)

Week 1: Meet, Eat and Greet get to know each other, icebreaker games and goal setting for the 6-week program.
Week 2: Study Tips – mentors provide advice about how to study / tips on how to cope as an international student in the Gold Coast.

Over a dozen BROWNS English Language School students have volunteered to join a new mentoring initiative at our Gold Coast campus. Each adult mentor is teamed up and placed with a small group of 4-5 High School Preparation students aged between 11-17 years. Launching as a six-week program, these one-hour peer support group sessions are held once a week and cover various topics to help ease the transition to life in Australia, provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students to ask questions, and also a great way to practise English.


We spoke to our mentors are asked them to reflect on the first two week of the program. Here’s what they said:

Looking back, what did you enjoy most about week one and two?

Mentor 1: “The thing which I enjoyed the most is talking to students. Although they weren’t very talkative and quite shy, even shy students were getting better as we kept talking to them.”

Mentor 2: “I was surprised they can speak English really well and they are really talkative”



Here’s what some of our High School Preparation (HSP) students had to say about their first two weeks in the BROWNS Collaborate mentoring program:

What are your favourite things about being an international student?

HSP student 1: “Speak with friends from other countries!”

HSP student 2: “I can meet many friends from many countries. I can know the culture of different countries.”

Discuss with your mentor ways to improve your life at BROWNS and as an international student in Australia

HSP student 3: “I want to go to a good college/university in the future and I will learn more things that are good for my future.”

HSP student 4: “I want to take a championship at the tennis competition.”


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